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About Daniela


Hello powerful people! 

I am Daniela and I am a life strategist and coach.


I thrive in helping people connect to their inner power, unleash their true potential and live the life they always dreamed of.

By applying techniques I studied in Robbins-Madanes Training, I can help you become stronger and live enthusiastically! But more than that, having passed through my own hardships gives me the certainty that together we can create the life you want!

I believe that we are not the product of the circumstances, but rather that we can mold and shape the circumstances in our favor to create the life we want.

But listen, I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying it is possible! And this is not only for the fortunate ones. It is for everyone!

But I need you to commit to doing the inner work. To commit all of you to taking massive action!


I believe that every single one of us has a fierce creature inside begging to be unleashed! That's your true Self! That's what I want to help you bring out! Imagine waking up every day and being unstoppable, feeling alive!

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I work with people on

      creating a deep connection with themselves, empowering themselves and living in alignment with their vision/goals;

      improving the quality of their relationships at work and with themselves;


      discovering and unleashing professional talents and improving professional performance;


      getting rid of fears, anxiety and distress that are blocking them from achieving the life they want.

Are you looking for guidance to improve the quality of your life?


Are you ready to take massive action to transform your life?

I am excited to work with you! I want to see you creating the life you've been dreaming of! 


Let's do this!

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