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Be Extraordinary

There are people living. Then, there are people just living and people working to be the best version of themselves. Everyday. These are the ones that become extraordinary. These are the ones that are able to change the world or leave their footprint.

I have the great joy and pleasure of having a sister-by-choice that works on herself, so hard, that everyday she becomes a better version of herself than the one she was the day before. For us, the ones close to these people, this self-improvement is inspiring. And someday, we found ourselves working on the best version of ourselves. And man! It feels good!

My sister-by-choice is committed to become better and better. She pursues her dreams. She works hard on herself. She is becoming an extraordinary person. And because she is inspiring, her hard work shall be shared, so it can inspire more people to pursue their dreams. Therefore, I leave you with a video of her, performing one of the things she dreamed about and is becoming really good at.

Hope you get inspired!

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