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Why I changed my mind about Vision boards

I have never had a vision board because I knew want i wanted, so why would I need one if all my plans were very present in my mind? Moreover, if these are important goals to me, I wouldn't forget them. I cultivated this opinion for basically all my life. Until two months ago. A saturday morning before Christmas. I was sitting in front of my laptop working on WildSoul when it suddenly struck me: I just have had an idea that was sooo cool and felt sooo impossible! One of those that are just overwhelming! As soon as this thought (now turned into a goal) came to mind, it felt like the right thing to do, it made sense. But have you ever had a dream that is so big, feels so unachievable, that you simply don't know how to implement it? How to make it happen? What is the first step to take? What do I do first? With whom do I need to speak? How much capital do I need? All sort of questions passed through my mind and I just froze. I felt so overwhelmed that I needed to do a brain dump: write every and anything that comes to mind, related to this overwhelming goal but also to all the others. However, instead of writing what was crossing my mind, I pasted images on a piece of paper, which two hours later became my vision board. And you know what? I liked it! Not only it was a fun creative project, but I was much more calm because I expressed what was going on inside of me and also more relaxed because I knew I wouldn't forget about my important goals. As a plus, visualizing my goals gave me clarity and motivation to continue on the path I have been creating for myself. So I'm here to tell you that you should give a chance to vision boards and here is why:

  • it is a fun process;

  • it is a source of inspiration;

  • gives you clarity and focus about your goals and what direction you want to steer you life;

  • motivates you to pursue your path or to make the necessary changes;

  • it is a way for self-expression;

  • reduces stress;

  • you relax because you know you won't forget.

A vision board should contain your vision for all the areas of your life, such as personal development, love life, career, spirituality, travels, relationships, even home decor if that is something you like. When you visualize, you get more focused to go and get it - it is not randomly that visualization is one of the tools of highly effective people.

The most important thing to remember: your vision board should reflect your aspirations, what you want to feel and it should be positive, so when you look at it, it can lit you up and give you the inspiration, motivation and focus to pursue the path you are creating for yourself and build your dream life.

And the coolest thing is that there is no one way of doing a vision board, so you can express yourself freely. You can do a digital one, a paper one, do some collage, use fabric, crayons or ribbons or any other accessories... the sky is the limit. Go get creative, dream big, do your vision board and let me know in the comments below how it went and how you felt while doing it.

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