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Why I become powerful through meditation

Meditation is to me the space and time where I can just BE. With no demands, no high performance, no to-do lists, no rushing, no attending to everyone's needs. It allows me to peel off the layers of conditioning "they" told us about who we must be and how we should operate. Because no one has the right to tell me who I shall be! Therefore, meditation allows me to ascend to the CEO position of my own life. And because I shut off the eco of the voices that once influenced me, I get to connect to my inner wisdom, that wise part of us that simply knows what is best (some call it "gut feeling" or "intuition"), and I become the most creative.

Breathing and existing. Such simple things and yet overly underestimated, taken for granted. It is where I find clarity, focus, confidence, patience, peace, gratitude and excitement for LIVING. This is where personal power lies: when you raise the clarity of knowing who you are, who you want to become and where you are heading; the focus and confidence to go and claim "it"; and the gratitude (for the big and small victories) that brings you the sense of fulfillment, you become unshakable and unstoppable!

Have you given meditation a chance of showing you who you are deep within (when you strip off the layers of external influence) and the tremendous potential you have to move the world?

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